It all started when...

Two big ideas collided. Tired of building other people's brands and wanting to create their own awesome beverages, two mates - Ricky & Garrett - decided that Australia needed a healthier water.


Seeing first hand the positive effect that alkaline foods had on close family and friends who were diagnosed with various illnesses, the boys set out to do more research on the wonders of the alkaline diet and boy were they impressed!


After many, many failed months trying to produce the best high pH water they'd ever tried, the boys finally found a unique process unlike anything they'd seen before, which guaranteed the high pH they were searching for as well as ensuring the smooth, crisp taste that makes Aqualove wonderfully different.


Not satisfied with just a great tasting alkaline water, the boys wanted Aqualove to be sustainable and kind on the environment, which led to using BioSphere so that Aqualove bottles and caps biodegrade in just five years as opposed to other bottles, which can take around a hundred years or longer.


Seeing Aqualove Water come to life is just the start for Garrett and Ricky. The boys are working hard on other wonderful additions to the Aqualove range and can't wait to bring new, healthy drinks to you soon!