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Generation ambition: hard working Millenial entrepreneurs buck the stereotype

"It's been non-stop for us," Herbert says. "When you are dealing with your own business the one thing I have found [compared] to working in a corporate environment is your brain never switches off. Usually we are working late nights at home and the business, the product, is always on your mind. It kind of feels like it's a 24-hour commitment when it's your own business."

Woolies shelves alkaline water 'different' from the rest

“After undertaking comprehensive research in the American market, we discovered alkaline water was a product that was fast gaining traction, but was yet to make an impact on Australian shores, so we felt there may be an opportunity to develop a local alkaline water,” said Herbert.

New alkaline water launches

The rainbow branding reminiscent of the pH scale, offers a unique and creative point of difference to other alkaline products on the market and connects with consumers in a way that reflects today’s social media driven culture.

“We wanted to create a thirst for a product that positively impacts the body, mind and planet, with a chic design that inspires consumers to view it as an accessory that forms part of their image,” said Herbert.